My 1 MUST do to save time & money in business?


Ok, I’ve learnt this the hard way, yet it’s something so simple isn’t it. It is something that can be done easily, quickly and can generate results yet I have failed to write a list many times over.

If you are anything like me, you wake up in the morning with a million and one things to do. All the thoughts start sprouting in your head like leaves growing on a branch. You end up starting a task, perhaps moving onto another and another without really completing the earlier tasks and very quickly the end of the day comes around. You sit down in the evening exhausted and not really knowing what you have done with your day. You have better intentions for tomorrow (all the focus on tasks has now come!) but when you awake the next day, the same thing happens. It’s like being stuck in a time machine of never ending productivity.

Whether you are starting out in business or in the middle of business chaos with lots going on, focus is key. Every task done in the business costs time. This costs you money, whether it’s a direct expense or indirect one, it will cost you. You therefore need to ensure that the time being invested is contributing towards a return in the business. Otherwise what’s the point right?

A list is an easy and simple yet effective way of ensuring focus is there. It doesn’t have to be one list either, it can be multiple to ensure true effectiveness. Example, what’s your business goals for the month? What actions are required to achieve them? How can this be broken down into actionable steps? Below I have a listed some example lists – very basic but will give you the idea.

List 1 – Monthly goals

  1. Increase sales by 10%
  2. Reduce costs

List 2 – Weekly 1 goals

  1. Get x number of new clients
  2. Work with new suppliers

List 3 – Todays daily tasks

  1. Visit a x number of potential clients and discuss options
  2. Build relationship with x number of clients
  3. Provide quotes to x number of clients
  4. Research new suppliers

As you can see above, by writing down in a list your monthly or weekly goals, this can very easily be broken down into daily actions. Completing the daily actions will therefore help you complete your overall goals. Plus, sticking to the list will ensure you are focussing on the right things to do. I have lost so much time in the past on wasting energy on tasks that were, quite simply, a waste of time as they hadn’t benefited my business. I now live by lists!

There are lots of ways that you could create these lists, but however you do it, they are sure to give you the focus you need to ensure time is well spent in your business – ultimately to get the business return you want.