You remember the days that you used to go into work, deadlines to meet, targets to hit, bosses to answer to. And now you’re in their shoes. You are the one in charge. You suddenly realise that you have no idea what you are doing and you’ve never done this before; you have never led people in the workplace. Sure, you are great with people. But your staff are either leaving, calling in sick, are generally just bored or worse still, are starting to feeling very negative whilst they are at work. All of these are a huge negative to your business. They all affect productivity in the workplace and ultimately cost you time and money. Time to recruit, time to retrain staff, time to adjust your company culture, time to identify the issues in your business, time to develop and implement policies and procedures and so on.

So what can you do about it? Well, you may be pleasantly surprised at what you can do, today, to improve the workplace.

Here are ‘3 Best Tips to Improve the Workplace‘ that you can implement yourself, right now

1. Employee Engagement Survey

If you are not doing employee engagement surveys then you should be. They are a powerful tool that gives you an insight into understanding the level of which employees feel engaged with your business. If they feel engaged, they are more likely to commit their time and efforts, thus increasing productivity. Employee engagement surveys should cover multiple business categories and should be completely anonymous to ensure true and honest feedback. An employee engagement survey also provides your staff, who perhaps are unhappy with areas of the business, to provide feedback in a constructive method without the fear of being judged.

2. Professional Development – For yourself

It’s all too easy to get lost in the everyday duties of the business and to forget about developing your own skills. Yes, you have lots of skills, especially if you are an Entrepreneur, you probably have many. That does not mean you have the skills that you need to have. What do I mean by this? Well, let’s say you’re a strategic person and you’ve made some tough business decisions and you want to inform the business of these decisions. You have to ask yourself: are you the best person to deliver the message? All too often I have seen news updates from people, who unfortunately, haven’t obtained from buy-in from their audience. Either the audience was left more bewildered or confused than before, were uninterested and didn’t see how it benefited or interested them, or thought that the update lacked integrity or good reason. This then results in staff conversations that is not conducive to a positive working environment. If you are not the best person to deliver the message, find someone who is and then invest in time and effort to develop yourself in the skills you need.

3. Empower People

It’s all too easy, especially for entrepreneurs, to try to do everything yourself, or worse still in my view, to try to hold on to full control of everything. If you try and do everything yourself, you simply won’t have the time. If you try and control everything yourself, you will burnout. So what’s the answer? Empower people to do the job you employed them them to do (and if you don’t have staff it may be time to take some on!). You were once an employee too, you had skills and traits that you made you great and excel in particular areas. Running a business isn’t about you doing the work anymore, it’s about about finding those traits and skills in your staff, harnessing them and making your people the best they can, putting them in the best position in your business that allows them to excel. If you do an excellent job of this, you may even get to go on holiday and not have to answer emails every 5 minutes. Sure, you’re still the top decision maker, but by empowering your people to do the job you hired them to do, your business will be more productive because your staff will be happy, and you will wonder why you didn’t focus on this earlier.