Many moons ago, before I started my company, I was told in an interview that my interview style was unique. At the time, I wasn’t sure if this was a good thing or a bad thing. I spent lots of pondering this; “what did they mean?”, “why would they say that?”.

As time went on, throughout my career, other instances of me being called unique would also pop up. The questions I would ask, the way I would view a situation, the method in which I would tackle a problem, were all considered as unique. This plagued me. Did I not have the right jist of things? Was I not approaching things correctly? Did I misunderstand?

My analytical brain often sees things differently. This in turn creates a unique perspective and enables me to ask different questions, to consider the unknowns and knowns, to think outside the box, to adapt and problem solve, to be creative.

It took some time but I got there; I realised that the uniqueness others considered I have would be my strongest asset. Instead of focussing on why I don’t tackle problems in the same way as others, or why my solution is not the same as others, I accepted this and now I strive to harness it. Why would I want to see and do the same as others? Wouldn’t this just make me produce the same work as others? And what would be unique about that?

Often, our perception of ourselves is what can hold us back or enable us to succeed. It’s by knowing and understanding ourselves, and harnessing our traits to our advantage, that we can become the best we can be. We can be ourselves, embrace it and excel. How awesome is that?

So today, don’t shy away from those qualities that make you unique. Embrace them, nurture them, and be the best that you can be.